The “New” Amazon Product Launch Strategy

And how to get organic reviews!

Being an ecommerce business owner requires an adaptable mindset and a can-do attitude. Especially when Amazon change the rulebook.

We all know about the day that Amazon changed their Terms of Service in October 2016. When it was announced that incentivized reviews are no longer an option. At first, there was worried feelings of doubt amongst sellers. Launching products and getting reviews being at the heart of these concerns.

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Let’s get back to business

Now that the drama is over, it’s time to get back to building a scalable business. It’s important to fully understand the opportunities you now have available. There are still plenty of sales techniques you can utilize to launch your new products, get more organic reviews and increase your sales!

This unmissable resource will give you
all of the knowledge you need to know about:
  • Amazon compliance – What you definitely can and cannot do
  • What your new and improved sales strategy should look like
  • How to get product reviews without incentivizing customers
  • Setting up converting automated email campaigns
  • Adding value and making your customers happy! 🙂



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