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1. Product Promotions

Quickly increase your sales and boost your Amazon sales rank using promotions by distributing coupons to over 100,000 monthly shoppers. Use Jump Send’s inventory protection to make sure you don’t go out of stock.


2. Automated Email Campaigns

Send follow up emails using our advanced campaign tool that lets you choose exactly when your customers should receive your emails. Jump Send comes pre-packaged with ready to use high-converting email templates that makes set up easy!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still not sure about making the leap to Jump Send?
    Check out some of the popular questions we get asked all of the time!

    Is this service within Amazon’s Terms of Service?

    Absolutely. The founding principal of Jump Send is that everything follows Amazon’s policies to the letter. You can read through Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities  Most importantly is the sentence, “You may request feedback from a buyer, however you may not pay or offer any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.”

    Why Jump Send?

    Jump Send  has built an industry leading automated email campaign tool to email all organic buyers. This lets sellers provide an exceptional customer experience. In addition, with promotional giveaways, sellers can increase their search rank and sales velocity all in one place.

    What marketplaces does Jump Send support?

    We currently fully support the US and UK marketplaces with promotions and email campaigns. Jump Send email campaigns are also available for Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. More marketplaces are coming soon, we will notify all members when they are available.

    As a seller, how do I generate coupon codes?

    This is done inside of Seller Central and is very important to do correctly. We put together a video to show the exact steps here.

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