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What is a Keyword Targeted URL?

When shoppers click to redeem your coupon, they will be directed to a search results page like this instead of directly to your listing. When they click to view your product this way and purchase, Amazon will add an organic boost in ranking for that keyword.

Why Use Keyword Targeted URLs?

More Impactful Launches

Targeting your main keywords starts your launch with a bang and headed in the right direction as soon as it’s kicked off.

Improved Product Ranking

Launches that use Keyword Targeting rank faster and higher for their main keywords.

Increased Sales

With a higher rank, watch as your competition gets left behind and your sales begin to grow.

Using Keyword Targeted URLs Is Easier Than Ever

Add Targeted Keywords to your promotions in 3 simple steps.

  • 1. Enter Your Keyword(s)

    Choose a maximum of 3 keywords to target.

  • 2. Verify Your Keywords Are Valid

    We make sure your product is indexed for those keywords.

  • 3. Start Ranking For Your Top Keywords

    Sit back and launch your product with added confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about Keyword Targeted URLs?
Check out some of the popular questions we get asked!

So what exactly is a Keyword Targeted URL?

A Keyword Targeted URL is a special URL (or link) shoppers can use to purchase your product that includes a keyword of your choice. When it’s clicked on by a shopper, it takes them to the search results page with the respective keyword.

Why use a Keyword Targeted URL?

By sending a shopper to a search page using your targeted keyword rather than directly to your product page gives Amazon an indicator that your product is being searched for and purchased rather than coming from an external source. This adds a higher search relevancy score to the purchase and Amazon will automatically move your product up in the ranks for that particular keyword.

How does a Keyword Targeted URL work?

A shopper requests a coupon on Jump Send, you approve them, and when they click on the purchase link, they’ll be directed to a search results page using a similar link to the one in the section above. Once they checkout with your coupon, Amazon will attribute their purchase to the keyword specified by you.

Are there any downsides to using Keyword Targeted URLs?

Although Amazon doesn’t explicitly forbid the use of Keyword Targeted URLs, there’s a chance down the line they could consider this ranking manipulation. So far, we have not heard any sellers having a negative result from using these.

If anything changes in the future we will make sure to adjust this feature as needed! Following Amazon’s guidelines is always a priority for us.

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