Amazon Seller Strategies Episode #15: Amazon Keyword Ranking

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In this recent episode of Amazon Seller Strategies, I joined Ervin from again to continue our conversation about launching a product on Amazon in 2018. This time we dove more in-depth into ranking on Amazon for specific keywords, finding high value keywords, and targeting them with product promotions. Join us as we talk about Amazon keyword ranking!

Seller Strategies is the series where we answer specific questions related to selling on Amazon asked by you in 5 minutes or less! Below is a quick recap of what we spoke about.


Finding High Value Keywords

Using Keyword Scout, part of the Jungle Scout Web App, Ervin and I do some keyword research around the product ‘Garlic Press.’ What we’re looking for when finding a high value keyword is a combination of 3 main things: relevancy, competitiveness, and search volume.

When looking at the search volume and data for the keyword ‘Garlic Press’ in Keyword Scout, we learned that the highest search volume and highest relevance if we were selling a Garlic Press was in fact the keyword ‘Garlic Press.’ Although it met two out of three criteria for finding a high value keyword, the keyword was in fact fairly competitive so unless you’re ready to spend a lot in order to rank for that keyword, you might be better off going for something with lower volume and finding a niche. For example, a garlic press can also be used as a ginger press. Now although the volume for that search term is significantly lower, it might be enough for a small seller looking to capitalize on a much less competitive niche.

For the sake of keeping things simple, we went ahead and chose the keyword ‘Garlic Press’ to find out how many sales or promotional giveaways we would need to start ranking effectively for that specific Keyword. To find out, we looked at the ‘recommended giveaway’ column in Keyword Scout for some guidance.

What we learned was that in order to rank in the top 3 spots for the keyword ‘Garlic Press’ we would need to give away at least 25 units per day of our product according to Keyword Scout. We also ran the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to look at the sales for that category and learned that the top 10 sellers for that keyword were doing between 20-30 sales per day.

Targeting Keywords with Promotions

To make sure we can intentionally rank for the keyword we want when running a promotion, we would use a Keyword Targeted URL which replicates the process of a customer searching for that item using our keyword and then completing a purchase. What this does is adds an extra boost to your product for the specific keyword.

To do this effectively and easily, we show how to use Jump Send’s keyword targeting feature available for promotions.


Ranking for Keywords on Amazon in 2018

Overall, if you’re selling in a competitive category or trying to target a competitive keyword, it’s going to be very challenging and/or expensive to rank for certain keywords. That’s why it’s important to find a good balance of competitiveness, search volume, and relevance before even trying to target a keyword.

To have the best chance of ranking for a keyword, use Jump Send’s keyword targeting and run a promotion for your product. It will get your product ranking faster and higher than a regular promotion or publishing your product to Amazon and hoping for the best.

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