Jump Send Release Notes – Awesome New Features For 2017

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jump send release notes december 2016

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Wow – What a year! We ended 2016 with a bang and added some awesome new features to Jump Send. I want to share these with you now so that you can utilize them in your 2017 strategies and beyond. The main things I want to highlight are:

  • We completely revamped how you list promotions
  • Added the ability for inventory management (as well as for auto-approvals)
  • Gave you a new email campaign trigger for refunds
  • Made an awesome video to help get the juices flowing regarding launch strategies

Let’s review in more detail…


New Flow for Listing a Promotion

Listing a promotion can be tricky. We want to help ease the process in anyway we can, which is why we completely revamped the flow from start to finish. Now, what you are setting up in each step is more clear.

Less confusion = more shoppers being able to use your coupons.

More coupons used = more sales = better BSR = even more sales… and the cycle goes on!

Learn More About Listing a Product


Inventory Protection

Back towards the end of November, Amazon made some changes to their promotions system; specifically in the area sellers create coupon codes.

You can no longer create a promotion, with a coupon code, for a $-amount off. You have to choose %-off. This affected all sellers and opened up the terrible possibility that a shopper would purchase your entire inventory, using that %-off, and leaving you at a loss for that entire sale. Yikes!

So we worked hard with our developers to identify a way to protect you, the seller. What we came up with is an inventory management system. Now you can choose to allow Jump Send to limit the amount of units that can be ordered in a single purchase.



inventory protection


With this inventory management option, you can limit a shopper to 1 or 2 items purchased in one order… and remove the limits after the promotion is over, if you want!

Learn More About Inventory Protection


Automatic Approvals

As a seller, you now have the ability to auto approve requests.

You select how many requests you want to auto-approve at one time, and we take care of the rest. No more logging in to approve each request. You can get them all done automatically!

This also helps get your coupons into the hands of shoppers quickly, while they are still thinking about buying your product. This, in turn, reduces the risk of approving a shopper just to have them forget about purchasing later on.

Quick delivery of coupons leads to a higher coupon used percentage, which leads to more sales in the long run.


coupons in jump send

Email Campaign Trigger for Refunds

December is a great month for sales. Unfortunately though, some sales don’t stick, which means an increase of returns in the month of January. As sellers who sell through Amazon, this means we also get their stellar return policy.

We all want more sales and less returns, so we created a new email campaign trigger that allows you to reach out to those customers who have initiated a return. This allows you to get feedback and hopefully reverse their decision to return your awesome product. Keeping existing customers is always easier than creating new ones.


Even if you increase your customer retention rate by just 5%, you increase your profits by 25% – Harvard Business School.


Learn More About The Refund Initiated Trigger


Knowledge Bomb Video

Our video expert, Lenny, created this great video, to help get your juices flowing when it comes to private label launch strategies. It takes us back to the basics and reinforces the fundamentals of a successful product launch. It also gives you some tips to improve your current strategy.



December was a great way to wrap up the awesome year of 2016, and we are stoked for what 2017 holds!


Before You Go

2016 was a big year for us. You watched us launch Review Kick, and then rebrand it as Jump Send, to abide by Amazon’s new TOS.

What you might not know is that we added loads of marketplaces in Jungle Scout too. We created a way for you to find profitable niches with the Niche Hunter feature in the Jungle Scout Web App. We joined forces with the guys at Splitly, to make split testing easier for you. And, at the end of this past year, we released Fetcher, to ease your profitability worries.

We would love to hear what you think? All feedback will gain you our love and our eternal gratitude (well, you already have that, but we will tell you again!). Click below to tell us what you think and how we can make your lives a bit easier!

Make my life easier!

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