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We have some big news to share with you, sellers! Today marks the launch of a new, powerful addition to the Jump Send platform: Keyword Targeted URLs.

In this exciting release we’ve added a new way to supercharge your product launches that helps you to rank even higher when running a promotion. You can now choose specific keywords you’d like to target when setting up your promotion, eliminating the uncertainty of what search terms your product should rank for.

Here’s a quick overview of what I’ll be covering in regards to Keyword Targeted URLs:

  • What they are
  • How they work
  • Why this is great for sellers
  • How to use them
  • Which keywords to target
  • When not to use them

See how it works



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So what exactly is a Keyword Targeted URL?

Without getting too technical, a Keyword Targeted URL is a special URL (or link) shoppers can use to purchase your product that includes a keyword of your choice. When it’s clicked on by a shopper, it takes them to the search results page with the respective keyword.

Using a Keyword Targeted URL with your promotion will give your listing a higher than normal boost in ranking for the keyword you choose since Amazon knows that purchase came after a search for that keyword. This adds a much needed organic boost to your listing. That is some pretty powerful stuff!

This is what a Keyword Targeted URL looks like:


How do Keyword Targeted URLs Work?

When a shopper requests a coupon on Jump Send, you approve them, and when they click on the purchase link, they’ll be directed to a page using a similar link to the one in the section above. Once they checkout with your coupon, Amazon will attribute their purchase to the keyword specified.

By sending a shopper to a search page using your targeted keyword rather than directly to your product page gives Amazon an indicator that your product is being searched for and purchased rather than coming from an external source. This adds a higher search relevancy score to the purchase and Amazon will automatically move your product up in the ranks for that particular keyword.

Let’s look at an example…

You’ve done your product research and know that the main keyword you want to rank for is ‘bamboo marshmallow sticks’ because it has the highest volume. So now you head over to Jump Send and input that as your targeted keyword. When you publish your promotion and a shopper claims your coupon, they’ll be directed to a page on Amazon with ‘bamboo marshmallow sticks’ typed into the search bar and your listing as the only result.

This tells Amazon that sales happen after this keyword is searched for, therefore it must be highly relevant for your product.

How to use the Keyword Targeted URL feature


Step 1: Head to the edit listing part of creating (or editing) a promotion on Jump Send


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom and select ‘I wish to use a keyword targeted URL.’


Step 3: You now have the option to enter up to a maximum of 3 keywords to target for your product promotion. Adding multiple keywords means they will be rotated randomly amongst coupon requests. *In most cases we highly recommend you only use one main keyword as using more than one can your dilute results.


Step 4: Verify your keyword is valid by clicking the verify button. Jump Send can only accept keywords that your product is actually indexed for on Amazon.


If you’re unable to verify your keyword, you can head over to Amazon and see if your product is indexed for the keyword. Type in your main keyword + your product’s ASIN into Amazon’s search bar and if your product shows up it means you’re indexed.


Step 5: Once your keywords are verified you can now move on to publishing your promotion.

Buyers who request your product on the Jump Send marketplace will now have a unique link that gives your product a higher ranking more specifically for that keyword.

Why is this game-changing?

In short, using Keyword Targeted URLs make for much more impactful product launches and ultimately, your bottom line. Using this method allows your product to rank higher, faster and more intentionally for your main keywords. What seller wouldn’t love that? As you climb the ranks of Amazon, you can watch as your competition start to quickly disappear in your rear-view mirror.


How to know which keywords you should use

In case you haven’t heard yet, our partners over at Jungle Scout recently released ‘Keyword Scout’ – an Amazon keyword research tool that can help you see what keywords your product is already ranking for, provide quality keyword suggestions, and more.

If you have access to Jungle Scout already, this feature comes included with the Web App and you can use it to select which keywords would be best to target with Jump Send!

In the example below, the highest volume search term for this product is ‘wooden skewers.’ If this was a search term you wanted to dominate as rank #1, you now know which keyword is most valuable to you.

Are there any downsides to using Keyword Targeted URLs?

Although Amazon doesn’t explicitly forbid the use of Keyword Targeted URLs, there’s a chance down the line they could consider this ranking manipulation. So far, we have not heard any sellers having a negative result from using these.


Get ready to dominate Amazon with Keyword Targeted URLs

We’re very excited about Keyword Targeted URLs – our new favorite tool for improving your product’s ranking – and we hope you are, too. For the people who are currently using Jump Send, this new tool is included with all accounts and is about to be a total game-changer in planning your product launches. We can’t wait to see the results!

If you want to grow your Amazon sales today and crush it with your product launches, then do yourself a huge favor and subscribe to Jump Send today!


Ready to try Keyword Targeted URLs for your product launch?

Sign up for a free trial of Jump Send and start generating additional sales for your Amazon product!


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    1. We know there has been a long debate about the use of targeted URLs.

      It’s important to mention that although Amazon doesn’t explicitly forbid the use of the Keyword Targeted URLs that we added, there’s always a chance that they may consider that as ranking manipulation down the road. But we can confirm that we have dome our research before introducing this and so far, we have not heard about any sellers having a negative result from using them.

      If anything changes in the future we will make sure to adjust it as needed! Following Amazon’s guidelines will always be a priority for us.

  1. Hi

    I am a Amazon seller.

    I wonder if we put the products in your website, the customers will buy in your website?

    Best regards,
    Leo Li

    1. Hi Leo,

      Yes. If you publish your products to our website, our customers will be able to buy them.

      With deals websites like ours, people are looking for discounts so… The higher your discount amount, the more requests and purchases you are likely to receive. If your product is in a very specific niche and your discount percentage is low, it is likely you will see a significantly lower request/redemption rate for the coupons you distribute on Jump Send.

      Thank you,

  2. Could you paste the URL on the product detail page after clicking through your super URL?
    I’d like to know if the URL is the same as an organic search URL.

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