We Have Relaunched Review Kick. Meet Jump Send!

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The Launch of Jump Send


I am very proud to announce that we have officially launched Jump Send, the easiest way to communicate with your Amazon customers. Jump Send allows Amazon sellers to send smart emails to customers, with fully customizable, targeted, and automated emails.


Connecting with customers in a meaningful and timely fashion should not be difficult. However, unfortunately the tools that Amazon sellers are forced to use are clunky and time-consuming. And impossible to scale to communicate with many customers efficiently. Jump Send solves this problem with a clean and intuitive platform that works seamlessly with Amazon’s email system.


Do want to start building relationships with your customers? Start your free Jump Send trial today!



How Can Jump Send Help Me?


Do you have customers? Do you want to grow your sales? Are you interested in building a loyal following for your brand? Then Jump Send is designed specifically to help you. Here’s how:

  • Automate email campaigns: The key to successful emails is built upon sending timely, relevant, and personalized communications: reaching your customer at the right time and right place. Jump Send allows you to scale your communications by setting up automated campaigns based on actions that your Amazon customers take.
  • Fully In Your Control: Easily control the look and feel of the emails to match your brand identity. Do you have bonus content, like ebooks or pdf’s that you need to send? Attach files to each and every email, and decide exactly when you want your customer to receive them.


Why Launch Jump Send Now?


Jump Send grew out of the need for Amazon sellers to connect with prospective customers. Originally known as Review Kick, Jump Send was initially a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect to exchange discounted product for honest reviews. Review Kick was the best way to launch Amazon products, generate product reviews, and run automated email campaigns.


However, with recent changes to Amazon’s Terms of Service addressing incentivized reviews, the aspect of generating product reviews on Review Kick was no longer viable, as it was not allowed by Amazon.


Hence, Jump Send was born, to focus on email communications as the cornerstone feature to help Amazon sellers grow their business. We believe that the change in Amazon’s Terms of Service will force sellers to leverage traditional marketing channels, and email communication is and always was the most effective scalable marketing channel. Therefore, we are doubling-down on providing a seamless and beautiful experience for Amazon sellers to communicate with their customers.


I Can Still Purchase Deals on Jump Send?


Yes, indeed! You will notice that there is still a Deals page, to get discounted promotions in the hands of interested Amazon shoppers. Running promotional giveaways still benefit sellers by improving organic ranking in the search results, and improving sales history and sales velocity. Regardless of the price of the product sold (ie whether a discounted promotion or a full-priced item), Amazon still registers the sale in their algorithm that organizes the organic search results.


Does Amazon approve of Jump Send?


Absolutely. There is no higher priority than following every single word of Amazon’s Terms of Service. We pride ourselves on following every aspect of Amazon’s policy.


Distributing discounted coupons and promotions are fully compliant. Communicating with customers via email is allowed. However, a seller is not allowed to ask for a review for any discounted or free product. That becomes an “incentivized review”. And we do not allow any such thing on Jump Send.


How Do I Get Started?


Getting your first email campaign set up on Jump Send is incredibly simple! Just sync your Jump Send account with your Amazon seller credentials, select the triggers and timing for the emails you want to send, and activate your campaigns. We even have some thoroughly tested templates for you to use right off the bat.





Have any questions? Drop your comments below and I can address them, or shoot us an email at [email protected]

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Comments 21

    1. Mine did not reset, however I never could get the Amazon log in trophy to work before, but after the switch it worked right away. The chrome extension isn’t working for me, but that’s ok. I can live without it.

  1. Has anyone actually received an approval code since the switchover? I am sitting on 30 requested products for 2 days now.

    1. I have received some codes since the switch over, but not nearly as many as I used to get. I used to get one or more daily. Now I get one a week or so. I think both sellers and buyers got a little worried about the switch, but I think if we hang in there everyone will see that it’s just the same as before and come back. I hope anyway….

    2. I have not got a single approval on anything for about 3 weeks now maybe even longer! I am beginning to wonder if there’s even any point in me continuing to request deals. I wonder if it’s because I choose deals that have a high percentage marked off so I’m thinking about requesting one of the more expensive items and seeing how long it takes for me to get approved for those items.

    3. I haven’t received an approval yet since the switch. I had reviewed over 30 products on the old site and didn’t have a problem then. So I am not sure if the criteria has changed.

  2. Nice work Greg, way to adjust. As a seller I will give Jump Send a shot at boosting sales and hopefully getting reviews. If this format does not do this I can’t justify spending the same amount for what I was getting with Reviewkick.

    I will approve buyers verified Amazon buyers for the next couple weeks and see what happens. Let’s go buyers on Jump Send, LET’S DO THIS AND MAKE THIS WORK!!

    1. yes, it appears they don’t. Also offering products at a discount to “reviewers” is not allowed. I imagine that why the name Review Kick had to go- we are no longer considered a pool of ready reviewers, but deal hunters.

  3. WOW – I’m an Amazon seller and I can now see that buyers are just as confused as sellers as to the changes to Amazon’s ToS with regard to reviews.

    Here’s what I believe;

    As far as what discounted buyers do now:-

    Having read the directive from Amazon this is how I understand this,

    It is fine for you to receive products for a discount and review them, AS LONG AS the discount was NOT given on condition that you leave a review.

    And here is my perspective as a seller:

    To get a good BSR on Amazon I need to sell a lot of products. To do this I need to create customer awareness. Because I need my products out there in the public domain I will keep on offering them at a discounted price.

    **BUT I will not ask for a review prior to, or as a condition of the discounted sale.

    I send follow up emails to ALL my customers after a week or so asking how it is going and if they like the product to leave a review of the product. Most importantly, I also say that if they had a problem to let me know.

    I am not asking for a positive (5*) review.

    Amazon is currently removing discounted reviews so I don’t want you to leave a review after buying a discounted product.
    Ideally I want you to love my product and buy it again at full price. THEN AND ONLY THEN leave a review. To me a seller this would be the holy grail, a verified purchase!!!
    Also, if the buyer were to tweet there thoughts, mention the product on Facebook or any other social media it would be great as creates buzz.

    I can’t afford to give away all my stock at a discount though as I have the price the item (Cost of Goods) and the Amazon fee (Cost of Selling) to consider.
    I will keep on changing the discount to cover my costs as much as possible but still offer a good discount on what I believe is are great products.

    Thank you

  4. Same exact situation for me as the other Holly who commented 🙂 I’ve only been approved for 2 different items since the Amazon policy change, where as I was getting lots before. Hoping more & better items are offered again & approvals pick back up, as I actually really loved this site prior to this! I honestly did lots of my shopping on here & have found great items I would have never found.

  5. I like the new jump. You’ve worked very hard at getting this relationship with Amazon. I think it’s a good thing. It helps to stop those who will grab everything they can and then they don’t review.
    I think it makes the whole review system more credible & protects everyone involved.
    Thank you for all the work you’ve done.
    Wendy Swartz

  6. To be honest, as a seller I do hope to get a reviews. As far as I know if the discount is not 100% it is allowed to leave a review if you do no ask for it as a condition for the discount.
    Sure, the reviews will be unverified by Amazon but still better the no reviews especially for us new sellers.
    I ran a promotion with a nice discount and did not get as many requests as I hoped. The worst part was that after I approved all of them, some did not even use their code for purchase and finally non of the buyers end up leaving a review or even a feedback. Very disappointing.

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