The New Jump Send: If Steroids Existed for Amazon Products

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Do you know what one of the coolest feelings in the world is? You probably do, because you are an entrepreneur and Amazon seller…

In my opinion, it is launching your new product to the whole world. Something that you have studied, worked on tirelessly, and perfected is now open for all to see. Well today is that moment for me and the Jump Send team.

Today is the launch of the all new Jump Send!

We have put together the most powerful way to launch and grow an Amazon product, and your profits.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  1. Building the most robust email platform built specifically for Amazon sellers
  2. Expanded our marketplace of engaged Amazon shoppers to purchase your product
  3. Grown our capabilities to support all of North America and Europe
  4. Redesigned the product for a better user experience

OK, so let’s get into the details on why this all matters to you and your Amazon business.

The Problem: Generating Sales

The Chicken and the Egg problem. How do you get your first Amazon sales?

Hypothetically speaking, you have an optimized listing and a good price… but you aren’t ranking yet, so no customers find you. Even if a stray shopper or two finds your listing, nobody wants to buy a product without any customer reviews or social proof.

How do you get sales and boost your rank if no one can find your product? How do you get reviews if you get no sales?

This is the first challenge that we have solved with Jump Send. We have curated an engaged community of over 100,000 active shoppers who love to buy, test, and review products on Amazon. These are the folks that are your best friend during your launch.

Seriously. They are the ones who provide the initial sales velocity to get your product ranking well in Amazon’s algorithm. They are the ones who give you product feedback and reviews. And they can provide the social proof that you need to get your product launched quickly and cost-effectively.

Additional Thoughts On Product Launches

I covered my exact product launch strategy in Session 12 of the Million Dollar Case Study. Do make sure you check it out, because it is a deep dive into various launch strategies–between using a platform like Jump Send, building your own email list, running Amazon Pay Per Click campaigns, and more. I summarized the high level pros and cons in this matrix (I start talking about this at about the 13:00 mark in the video) :

Products in Jump Send

I just want to briefly show you how your products are organized in Jump Send now. This is a look at the Products window:

What is really great here is that you can edit the product titles yourself (in the old Jump Send, you would have to use the same title you have on Amazon).

From this page, you can easily control which products you want to run promotions for. Which is a nice segue into the Promotions part of Jump Send… let’s check it out!


This area is now your Mission Control Center where you can instantly get all visibility into the coupon requests and approvals that you have given out. When you need a boost in your sales velocity (for example, during a product launch, improving sales after a stock-out, ramping up to a busy season), you will come here to set up your promotional giveaways.

This is where I find that I come every day during my launches and promotional giveaways, to ensure that I am getting the continued stream of sales that I hope for.

In one glance, you can see your complete history of approvals, purchase date, and coupon code. This can be useful in helping you gauge your promotional giveaway history and how you can see the impact on your sales velocity and Best Seller Rank:

From the shoppers perspective, this is the redesigned interface for the deals that they see. We’ve improved the load time and design, so that shoppers are more likely to spend time on this page, request deals, and return to purchase more:

But how will you ultimately get those reviews that can bump up your conversion rates and help you stand out from the competition?

The answer is simple: automated email campaigns.

Smart Email Campaigns

So glad that you made it to this part, because I have saved the best for last!

We have built the most intuitive, robust, and customizable email platform specifically for Amazon sellers.

This means that you are able to send emails with the right messaging at the right time. And ultimately this means better customer relationships, and greater likelihood of seller feedback and product reviews.

So let’s take a look at this beauty. This is what you’ll see in the email builder:

Don’t worry, it is actually quite simple and intuitive to figure out, and much more powerful than the previous version.

As you can see, there are three different triggers that you can use to set up campaigns: when a product is Purchased, Shipped, or Refunded.

You can fully customize the time delay in between these emails going out.

And for any email that you wish to edit, simply click on the Email node and you get a pop up to edit your email. If you’ve ever used email before (yes, 100% of you I am sure) then this is a cakewalk.

Amazon Email Example:

This is the email that I use for my Jungle Stix. You can see that the recipient will see a customized email, with their name automatically inserted into the email. And you can see that there are a variety of customizeable options that you can add. We call them Auto Fill Tags:

I promise you that you have never seen an email platform like this for Amazon sellers. I am going to put together a lot more information to help you leverage the powerful automations possible. But for now, I urge you to check out the new features that make Jump Send the ultimate tool for launching and growing product profits.

Watch Jump Send In Action

We also have a thorough video to show you how to put these email campaigns together, step by step:


Why Is This A Game-changing Product?

Ask any experienced marketer, and they will tell you that one of their main priorities is nailing the relevancy and timing of their messages.

If you are not talking to the right segment at the appropriate time, you have completely undermined your efforts. You become a nuisance to their day.

The new Jump Send email builder solves this challenge for you. It will automatically deliver a sequence of emails to get your messages to your customers depending on the actions that they have completed. This allows you to automate your response in the most timely manner. Whether your customer receives the product, or initiates a refund, you can make sure that your customer support is there for them at every step, and once it’s set up, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

More powerful and more intuitive – this is the most sophisticated email automation tool in the Amazon space, and it’s just got even better.


Email Marketing Tips for Amazon Sellers

Don’t have experience with email marketing? No time to create a campaign? Not a problem, because we have a variety of tested and optimized campaigns already created so that you can hit the ground running after syncing your products to Jump Send!

And though these are not new features, these are worth mentioning again because they are so powerful in helping you add value, build stronger customer relationships, and ultimately get more reviews:

  • Send Attachments – It is a great strategy, for both increasing conversion rates and creating a happy customer experience, to send customers additional documents after their purchase. This can be in various forms, including eBooks, user guides, warranties, and much more. I do this with many of my products, and it is a great way to enhance post-purchase satisfaction.
  • Product Review – The most important action that you can get from an email is to get the recipient to click on a link in the email. And ideally that link click would be to your product listing to leave a review. We have added a unique feature that embeds an image and 5 stars within your emails, so that you can ramp up your click through rates and get more product reviews. I use this feature in all of my campaigns, and have seen a significant increase in purchase-to-review ratio.

The Product Review Link Stars Auto Fill tag is pretty awesome. This is what it looks like when users receive it:

It is a great hack to get more clicks:

  • Fully customizable emails – you want all of your emails to look great, but perhaps you have a brand that demands a specific look and feel. No problem, with Jump Send you can craft the specific look and feel that you want, with customized HTML, fonts, images, logos, and personalized Auto Fill tags.

International Growth

Ever since the launch of Jump Send, sellers around the world have begged for email campaigns for their particular marketplace.

Now, Jump Send supports all European and North American Amazon marketplaces with emails. So if you are in one of those markets, you will certainly stand out from the competition with well crafted follow up email campaigns.

In the United Kingdom, we are launching a complete marketplace for sellers to offer discounted products to customers. So if you sell on Amazon UK, click here to get started increasing your sales velocity and offering smart email campaigns.

We Are Just Getting Started

Thanks for reading through to the end of this post! We have been completely heads-down working on these amazing features, and so thrilled to share it with you now.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the product.

If you are an Amazon seller ready to initiate a thoughtful and cost-effective marketing campaign, then now is your time to get started!

If you have any questions, just email us at [email protected] and we can help you get set up, increase you sales, and lay the foundation for an flywheel of increased sales, more reviews, and better organic rankings. Once you are set up, it is a powerful self-propelling machine that will drive your business to new heights.



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  2. Hi Greg,

    I’m selling in many marketplaces and I just wondering if I need to get a package for every Marketplace or is one package enough for all the marketplaces as soon that it covers the product limit

    For Example:
    I’m selling in: UK, DE, FR, ES, IT
    I have 10 ASIN products – The same ASIN in other marketplaces does that count as 5 x 10 Asins or just 10 Asins ?

    Will the Entrepreneur package be enough to send the emails campaign in all these marketplaces ?

    Looking forward for your Email

  3. Hi Alban,

    Since we don’t charge you per Amazon account added, the system will let you add multiple markets and even multiple accounts to Jump Send and the limit will be based on how many products you have active in the account total.

    You can activate products from any of the markets you mentioned and the limit will still be based on how many parent ASINs you have active on the Products page, total. Each product will count, or take, one spot for every market you activate it for. So if you have 10 ASINs in each market, the system will show a total of 50 products (10 for each of the 5 markets) and they do need to be activated individually per market for Promotions or Email campaigns.

    I hope that helps explain how the limits work but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected], they will be happy to help!

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