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Sometimes it can feel frustratingly difficult to stand out on Amazon. For a start, there are so many other brands competing for shoppers’ attention. Then there’s Amazon themselves who are very protective of their customers and how you interact with them.

As you increase your sales it’s vital for you to start forging positive relationships with your customers to propel your growth in this marketplace. Amazon email copywriting is one of the most effective ways to do this. Making a little more effort to improve the customer experience can make all the difference.

The secret to e-commerce email copywriting is adding value, providing support and building stronger customer relationships. For FBA sellers, well-executed automated emails are proven to attract positive reviews and repeat customers.

Don’t have experience with email marketing or copywriting? Not a problem! Today we’ll share with you some of our favourite email marketing copywriting tricks and how you can get started with using Jump Send to send those emails!

What E-Commerce Email Copywriting Can Do For Sellers

As FBA sellers, these are the biggest attractions of employing email copywriting:

1. Get More Positive Reviews – Improving the customer’s overall experience and flat-out reminding them to leave reviews will encourage them to take action.

2. Prevent Negative Reviews – Many customers leave negative reviews as a way to vent their frustrations. Getting in there early by showing customers you care and are there to help can help prevent them. You could use the power of good emails to save yourself from a painful 1-star review, or even, turn it into a positive review!

3. Attract Repeat Customers – When customers have a great buying experience, they are far more likely to return for more. It’s not that difficult to stand out in a customer’s mind in a market of “average sellers”.

Now that you understand what good email copywriting can do, let’s run through some quick do’s and don’ts!

Amazon Email Marketing Copywriting Do’s & Don’ts

Here are some fundamental tips for staying within Amazon’s TOS and making your emails far more effective:


  • Have Single Goal for Each Email – Bombard people with too much information in one email will further reduce the chance of them completed your true desired actions. Choose a goal such as asking for a review, sending free content, or reinforcing their purchase decision by getting them excited about your product
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service – Make sure you let your customer know you’re available and ready to help or advise them if ever they should need it. Showing you care and being easily reachable goes a long way.
  • Give Extra Value – Give your customers a reason to leave a positive review by providing more value than other sellers. This could include product tips, tutorials, infographics, ebooks etc.


  • Spam customers – Sending more than 2-3 emails to a customer will start to pester many buyers and reverse the positive effects good emails can have.
  • Include links to external websites/stores – It’s directly against Amazon’s TOS to send customers away from their ecosystem. Instead, get them to perform desirable actions on the Amazon platform such as leaving a review.
  • Go image heavy – A small logo at the top and one image are all you could need. Including more images may trigger spam filters and decrease deliverability.

Timing Is Everything – Create Smart Email Campaigns

Sending the right emails at the right time is everything. Automated emails can either come off as robotic and spammy or human-like depending on how they have been set up.

Getting this right will lead to stronger relationships and higher chances of scoring those reviews. That’s why we built an intuitive, robust, and fully customizable email platform, specifically for Amazon sellers.

To ensure the emails are sent at the opportune time, Jump Send uses different triggers to set up campaigns: When a product is Purchased, Shipped or Refunded. Then you can add further delays before sending out emails.

Be Professional & Personalized – Use Customized Emails

Looking professional and expressing your unique brand personality will instill customers with trust. But no one likes to feel like they are just being blasted with generic emails. Since we are using an automated email system, it’s essential we make every email appear as personalized to the customer as possible.

Sound tricky? It’s not with Jump Send! Using our simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format and you can tailor emails to suit your brand and connect with customers in no time. You can quickly craft your look and style using HTML, fonts, images, logos and personalized Autofill tags!

Here’s how sellers are using Jump Send to send effective email marketing campaigns:

Look Professional

Your emails are going to give an insight into your brand. Show them you are professional, reliable and organized.

  • Choose a professional font
  • Format your emails neatly
  • Include a logo image at the top
  • Embed important links in text such as a call to actions

Appear Personalized

Using smart tags to automatically insert customer-specific information is a simple way to personalize every email.

  • Customer name
  • Product name
  • Order information
  • Link to a product review
  • Delivery information

Grab Their Attention – Try These Quick Writing Tips

When it gets down to the nuts and bolts of writing emails, here are a number of copywriting tips to increase your reception.

1. Be Real

People have become desensitized as they are bombarded with automated emails. That’s why it’s so crucial to show readers you are a “real person” in order to connect with them.

Prove there’s a real person behind these emails who is ready and waiting to reply. You can directly invite them to reply to your email if they have any questions and sign off personally.

2. Match Your Style to Customers

Knowing your market and customers well is vital to success as an FBA seller. Carry this principle through to your email marketing too.

You must adapt your writing style to suit your audience, using terms they are familiar with to build trust and show a personality they can relate to.

If you can match your writing style it will resonate with customers and greatly improve results. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to invest in researching your market and who your real customers actually are to achieve this.

3. Catch Attention With Subject Lines

Subject lines are critical for getting customers to even open your emails. If you use the same old, generic subject lines others are using, you’re probably going to get lost their inbox.

Try to say something unique to catch their attention. Strike a balance between “clickbait” and “accurate description”. Using emojis in subject titles has been seen to work well too, but don’t overdo it!

4. Don’t Forget Your Call to Action

Since you want readers to perform a specific action after reading your email, make sure your call to action is very clear. Also, placing it further towards the end of the email increases the chances of them following through. You could try reminding readers using a quick P.S. at the bottom of your emails too.

Go the Extra Mile – Two Amazon Email Marketing Tricks

Here are a couple of ways Jump Send users are taking their email marketing to the next level:

Adding Email Attachments

Sending additional documents after purchasing is a great strategy to improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Depending on your brand and messaging, you could try enhancing post-purchase satisfaction using the following:

  • eBooks
  • User guides
  • Warranties
  • Tips
  • Complementary material

Embedding an Image Product Review

One of the most important actions we can drive from emails is getting recipients to click a link to leave a product review. While embedding a normal link that leads directly to leaving a product review can work we’ve found a way to take it further.

Our “Product Review Link & Image” auto fill tag generates a product image and 5-star rating to improve click-through-rates. In fact, we’ve seen it increase average CTR from 2.2% to 3.7% (that’s a 59% increase!).

When using Jump Send’s email editor, all you have to do is insert the {{ Product Review Link Stars }} tag to start boosting your purchase-to-review ratios.

Now Over To You – Get Emailing!

So there you have it, everything you need to craft awesome Amazon email marketing campaigns. Although it may take a little time and creative juice to set up, these automated emails will then be sent out to every new customer. So, make sure you get it right!

If your strategy is a case of set and forget, you may find it helpful to go back and change objectives or test new ideas periodically. After all, you want your customers to get excited about your product and leave more reviews, right?

Lastly, don’t forget to reply to customer emails personally!

Ready to give Jump Send a try? We’re offering a free trial to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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