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Sometime in the middle of  November, Amazon made some dramatic changes to the promotions system on their platform, specifically in the area sellers create coupon codes.  

When creating a promotion, Amazon changed its policy so that sellers had to create coupons based off of a percentage discount, and not a ‘dollar off’ amount.  

This change affects sellers like you. Most significantly when a shopper uses a coupon, they are in no way restricted to the number of units they purchase. They can purchase 1 or 100 (or all your inventory if they wish) at that same discount.  This probably isn’t a big deal if you are offering 10% off, however, if you’re offering a steep discount, you could potentially lose a lot of money. It can also give you inventory management headaches. Certainly not an ideal prospect for sellers! 

We took immediate measures at Jump Send to protect seller inventory. With the aim to protect sellers, so that they would not lose all inventory based on this change. Now we have a sustainable solution to offer you with Jump Send.


Introducing: Inventory Protection

We have updated our promotion process to get around Amazon’s change in promotion policy, and it is called “Inventory Protection”.

Using the Jump Send platform, you can now limit the maximum units per order.  This means that shoppers can only purchase a maximum number of units for each order (we recommend 1 during a promotion).  The downside to this is it also limits shoppers who aren’t using coupons, so we recommend only keeping the inventory protection on during the promotion.

Even better, this process has been streamlined into the normal promotion set up to make it quick and easy for all sellers.  We’ll automatically limit the number of units ordered at the beginning of your promotion, then set it back to normal at the end of your promotion!  This ensures your inventory is protected during a promotion, with no extra burden on your part!

Let’s take a quick look:


Introducing:  Automatic Coupon Approvals

We have also added another great improvement!  Instead of having to manually approve each deal request, the seller has the ability to automatically approve a certain number of shoppers each day.  This makes setting up promotions easier than ever before, as you don’t need to remember to log in and approve deal requests any longer.  This also means faster approvals, which lead to a higher coupon delivery to purchase rate.

Let’s take a quick look at the setup process:

Our team has been working extremely hard on this and we know you’re going to love it!

Happy new sales, and as always, if you have any feedback please let us know at [email protected] We are always listening!

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  1. Hi. Thanks a lot for this great and inspiring video. I have a issue with Jump Send: When I click on PUBLISH it appears “Asin already exists.” Can anyone help me on this? I already sent a email to jump send support but didn´t have answer. Thanks once again.

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