Launch products successfully and automate your Amazon sales growth

Get more sales, more reviews and increase your organic ranking with promotions and intelligent targeted email campaigns.


How can you become a top seller?

Supercharge your product launches, get reviews & automate customer interactions!

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Enhance customer experience by targeting shoppers at the right moment

Schedule automated emails to your buyers at specific times after your product has been confirmed, shipped or delivered.

Increase Sales Velocity

Tap into a huge marketplace of ready-to-buy shoppers with promotions, great for product launches and boosting your rank.

Manage Your Returns

Automate your returns procedure with targeted emails every time a refund is initiated. Reduce negative feedback and never miss a return notification again.

100% Amazon Compliant

Stay ahead of the competition worry free – all Jump Send features are fully compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Tactical promotions will increase your sales velocity and rank

Get access to over 100k active shoppers ready to purchase, with inventory protection for peace of mind.

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Jump Send now supports more marketplaces!

Send automated customer emails for your Amazon Seller Central accounts in:

USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.
*Promotions available in USA and UK only

Look at what the experts are saying:

Zach M

Any tool that allows me to grow my business, instead of managing the repetitive minutiae, is a worthwhile investment. An added bonus is how I can also make additional sales through Jump Send using their deals platform.

Kevin David

Jump Send helps me to grow my business without spending hours on tedious tasks. The time I save is worth the investment alone, but what’s even better is that it also has a profound impact on increasing my sales!

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Jump Send is the #1 Amazon Seller platform that combines
product promotions and powerful automated customer emails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure about making the leap to Jump Send?
Check out some of the popular questions we get asked all of the time!

Why Jump Send?

Jump Send has built an industry leading automated email campaign tool to email all organic buyers. This lets sellers provide an exceptional customer experience. In addition, with promotional giveaways, sellers can increase their search rank and sales velocity all in one place.

Is this service within Amazon’s Terms of Service?

Absolutely. The founding principal of Jump Send is that everything follows Amazon’s policies to the letter. You can read through Amazon’s Prohibited Seller Activities. Amazon states: “You may request feedback from a buyer, however you may not pay or offer any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.”

Will Promotions get me more reviews?

The main purpose of promotions is to boost your product’s ranking by increasing sales velocity. With more sales, it is likely you will see more reviews but email campaigns are what help your product get more reviews. Sending email follow ups to your customers using a platform like Jump Send can help increase your number of reviews by up to 8x.

What is Keyword Targeting?

Keyword Targeting is a special feature in Jump Send that gives your product an extra boost in organic ranking when running a promotion. Learn more about it here.

What marketplaces does Jump Send support?

We currently fully support the US and UK marketplaces with promotions and email campaigns. Jump Send email campaigns are also available for Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. More marketplaces are coming soon, we will notify all members when they are available.

As a seller, how do I generate coupon codes?

This is done inside of Seller Central and is very important to do correctly. We put together a video to show the exact steps here.

Are all my codes going to get requested and/or redeemed?

This depends heavily on your product’s niche and the discount amount you set. The higher your discount, the more requests and purchases you are likely to receive. If your product is in a very specific niche and your discount percentage is low, it is likely you will see a significantly lower request/redemption rate.

Do you have already made templates for email campaigns?

Yes. Included in all Jump Send plans are our top true, tried and tested email templates designed to help maximize your email conversion rates.

Sellers using email campaigns see up to 8x more engagement

Send timely, and personalized email campaigns
using our pre-made templates, or customize your own!

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